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Loneliness! Loneliness! I think everyone has a lonely moment. A body faces wireless space and time, loneliness is always easy to follow. A person is an independent individual from birth. He is free and lonely. He has close ties with society and not necessarily. Or you can hang out with friends in groups of three or five in the outside world, or make phone calls, tweet voice, video, or make an appointment to sit and talk. But we often talk with people who are not very well-aware, they will not let us have a profound understanding of the heart and things and change fundamentally. And our teachers are often our exploration of ourselves.

Up to now, nearly ten years have passed since graduation. In the past ten years, apart from saying that I have been working for a long time, I feel that I really have no value and advantages. All work is simple, low threshold, anyone can do, can be replaced by anyone. I do not believe in fate, but the trajectory and trend of life in recent years reflect this word.

I don’t remember my ideal when I was a child, but I clearly remember that the writer’s dream in high school was very clear. Even editors, as long as they deal with words, I can publish a decent article one day. Hope is slim, but there must also be, like the essence, the essence of the journey embellishing our lives, but also illuminate the journey of our lives. Although we are unique, this society will use universal values to restrain and restrict everyone. We must first show excellence in the system, and then we will have the opportunity to break away from the system. It’s personality. How many of them are allowed? If you are not adapted to this cultural system, you may be out of the game. Sometimes this kind of exit may be because you are defeated by yourself and lose yourself.

I learned to draw in high school. I don’t believe in talent. I believe in the cultivation of the day after tomorrow. I think drawing is just like writing and speaking. It’s a kind of self expression. So I don’t believe that there are teachers who feel talented. Shouldn’t we understand the teacher’s mission? Teaching and educating people. Every student and teacher has an obligation to lead and guide, not to use a more utilitarian vision, with a future focus on training. Should not be treated equally? Should we not be poor, weak and virtuous? Is this society? Competition? Survival of the fittest? So if I can’t draw, I’m not convinced. I just haven’t got a start yet. I’m really not good at three-dimensional imagination and presentation. But who said it was a painting. The master who has never been surrounded by the Lord.

Then, because of professional courses, I had no chance to be accepted by a better university. Then, because of my loss, I did not choose to repeat. So that I can no longer accept a better and deeper education. It doesn’t matter. Who knows which way of life is richer and more interesting?

The awakening should be at any moment. If you know the road ahead, go far. Then hurry up to the right way.

It’s incredible that I have been working in this company for 7 years. When it comes to this figure, I feel like tears. At that time, when I entered the company, 23 belonged to the oldest group. I don’t have a half dollar relationship in getting rich. But I persevered. If people ask me why I persevered for so long, I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because of money and welfare benefits. Of course, no one asked me seriously, not to let me publish the award-winning speech. Two days ago, when Jin Yong walked away, there were many sentences in his article. One of them is that there are rivers and lakes in places where there are people. So how can there be a retreat? But I really like his words, “rivers and lakes, one man, one man.”

2016 was an important year for me, because I married this year.

2018 was also an important year for me because I was divorced.

The connection point between 2016 and 2018 is 2017. With my baby girl.

I can’t say I’m divorced. I’m glad I’m proud. But this step has really raised my mind. Men and women are not the only ones. Men who are not men should earn much more than women. A woman should never be attached to a man. She is not an accessory. Both men and women should have independent personality, economic independence and the ability to live a better life. Make life more valuable and shine more brilliance.



时至今日,从毕业到现在将近十年过去了。这十年,除了说自己一直有份工作干着外,我觉得自己真的没有什么价值和优势。所有的工作都是简单、门槛低、任何一个人都可以干 可以被任何人取代。我不信命,但这几年的人生轨迹、走势倒是体现了这个字。





很不可思议的是,我在当前这个公司干了即将7年了。说到这个数字,我感慨的想落泪。那时候我进这个公司的时候23,属于进来年龄最大的一批。升官发财于我没有半毛钱关系。但是我还是坚持下来了,如果别人问我为什么会坚持那么长时间,我真的不知道,可能因为钱福利待遇。当然也没人正儿八经问我,又不是让我来发表获奖感言。前两天,金庸老人家走的时候,很多他文章里的句子。其中一句‘有人的地方就有江湖。所以怎么会有退江湖一说’。不过我真喜欢他那句‘江湖一人 一人江湖’。




我不能说我离婚我高兴我骄傲。但走到这一步,确实让我的思想提高不少。并非男为主女为辅。并非男的就理应比女的挣得多。女的从来不应该依附于男的,她不是附属品。无论男女都应该有独立的人格、 经济独立的能力 ,让自己生活更好的能力 。让生命更有价值更能绽放光彩的能力。

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